Orange Island is a charming 8-bit action adventure game. Explore a pastel-hued island while uncovering mysteries from the past.

Orange Island is being designed and developed by Ted Sterchi as a completely authentic 8-bit experience.

Explore a mysterious island with five unique characters to stop an impending war. Discover relics from an ancient civilisation to enhance your abilities while solving mind-bending puzzles.

  • An engaging 5+ hour story adventure told via cutscenes and conversations
  • Five playable characters with unique magical abilities and stats
  • 8-bit graphics, audio, and gameplay authentic to the NES
  • A unique pastel pixel art style
  • Numerous connecting areas with varying challenges and enemies
  • Engaging platforming puzzles
  • Open-world side-scrolling exploration with towns, inns, and shops
  • Many additional side-quests to be found and completed
  • Diverse characters and themes created by a queer developer
  • No loot boxes, micro-transactions, or other nonsense 👏



Level Design